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New Players looking to join Scorpions Basketball please follow the below instructions:

Sign up to one of our Training Sessions

We have training sessions for all abilities at various age groups.

New Players Welcome!

Click here to book a FREE trial session, please make sure to click on to the correct age group training sessions.

Basketball HEJA

Join Heja

We use Heja for our communication to parents/guardians. Follow this link -


Once you have downloaded, join the correct group for players School Year / Age by using the team codes:


School Year 4&5 - KS831056

School Year 6 - QK416851

School Year 7 - EF548665

School Year 8 - HC283512

School Year 9 - ZQ998442

School Year 10 - XU800702

School Year 11 - SS211259



School Year 4&5 - KS831056

School Year 6&7 - QB979226

School Year 8&9 - GI358294

School Year 10&11 - ZK409350


Become a Member and complete 

We ask all players to complete an Annual membership

After a new players trial session we ask for them to complete our Registration. This also includes the players Training Vest.


Members Section

In our members section you can find all the information needed as a member of Scorpions Basketball.

To review your account for purchase history and scheduled payments, please follow this link: 


We ask all players to become a member, this can be arranged after setting up training subscription. To purchase our Annual Membership please follow this link:

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