Steps to purchasing products:

1. Click the item to add to Basket

0 Click Competition Fee.jpg

2. Set the installments for payment and select who buying for

1 Setting Instalments.jpg

3. Go to the top of the page and click the Basket icon, you will then need to click 'Proceed to checkout'

2 Shopping Basket.jpg
2 Click Checkout.jpg

4. Sign up will then be needed

3 Sign Up.jpg

5. Follow the steps to complete the process

4 Process to Confirm.jpg

6. You will then need to Add the Players Name

4 confirm Players Name.jpg

7. To Purchase a Competition fee you will also need to complete the Annual Membership

5 Add Membership.jpg

8. Follow the steps to complete the Membership, make sure to click
'I do consent' on the required consents before clicking 'Next' to Continue

7 CLICK Consent.jpg

9. Complete the necessary Additional Information, to open click 'Open form'

8 Additional Information.jpg

10. Upload a Photo of the Player for ID

9 Required Files. Photo ID.jpg

11. Our payment provider is 'London & Zurich' and this will show on bank statements. They will require a Mandate to be completed with your account details. 

6 Complete Process for Membership.jpg

12. Once complete you will see confirmation, this will then be authorised by Scorpions Basketball and an Email confirmation will be sent. 

5 Require Approval Confirmation order successful .jpg