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Please complete this screening on the day before arriving to the training session / game.

Due to the close contact nature of basketball, we are advocating screening of anyone playing or participating in basketball to ascertain whether individuals are able to take part safely. We are asking all individuals to take responsibility for reducing the risk of COVID-19. We advice everyone to complete their own individual self-screening below alongside completing our screening form.

Before leaving to participate in basketball, please check the following:

• Do not have symptoms of a high temperature (feeling hot, feeling cold, shivers, feeling under the weather).

• Do not have a new persistent cough.

• You have not got a loss of taste or smell.

• You have not been in contact with a person with suspected COVID-19 within the past 48 hours.

• You have not been advised to self-isolate due to a third party from another setting (i.e. school) that has been infected with COVID-19.

• No-one within your household has COVID-19 symptoms as outlined above, which would require the whole household to go into isolation as guided by UK Government.

Individuals must not attend basketball if any of the above are true.

• There should be no pressure placed upon a player to attend a training session or game if they have symptoms or they feel like the environment is unsafe for them.

• If during a session an individual feels uncomfortable with the management of the session, then there should be no pressure placed on that individual if they decide to opt-out of that session.

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